This package is for individuals looking for a coach for fitness competition prep. 

We provide coaching for all bodybuilding divisions including Bikini, Figure, and Physique. We have clients who participate in almost every bodybuilding organization and can individualize your prep plan based on whatever your competition goals include. 


What is included?

  • One-on-one coaching.

  • Personalized workout & nutrition plans.

  • Weekly changes in your nutrition plan.

  • Supplement recommendations and guidance.

  • Cardiovascular and stretching plans. 

  • Posing instructions. 

  • Ongoing motivation and accountability from us. 

  • Weekly check-ins and adjustments to your plans.

  • Show Day guidance.

  • You will be part of Competition Stay Strong TEAM

  • Mobile training app and online portal to track your progress.

  • Unlimited email and messaging support to answer all doubts.

Fitness Package

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