Ideal for those who want to get know us and our working methods. 


What is included?

  • One on-one coaching from certified online trainers.
  • Personalized workout & nutrition plans built around your goals.
  • Supplement recommendations and guidance.
  • Cardiovascular and stretching plans to help you build your stamina and flexibility.
  • Ongoing motivation and accountability from us.
  • Private motivation community, with weekly challenges groups.    
  • Regular progress check-ins and adjustments to your plans.
  • Creative and delicious healthy recipes available only for STAY STRONG clients.
  • Mobile training app and online portal to track your progress.
  • Unlimited email and messaging support.


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Package I
3 Months Membership
kr16,990.00monthly/ 3 months
Package II
6 Months Membership
kr13,990.00monthly/ 6 months
Package III
12 Months Membership
kr10,990.00monthly/ 12 months
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    3.    You will be entitled to all the rights and privileges exercisable for the Type of Membership chosen.

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