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Unnur & Imad will guide you through personalized online training designed to fit your life and the way you live.

Count on us to motivate you all the way. Taking care of your health is our priority.

Unnur Kristin Óladottir, ÍAK Personal trainer born in 1988 – graduated as a personal trainer from Keilir Sports Academy in January 2016. She has a contract with Sporthusid, a fitness center in Kópavogur and is working there as a personal trainer and is a Buttlift group teacher.


Unnur has always loved sports and played sports from an early age. She also has many years of experience in the gym.

She has been through all sorts of unpleasant happenings with her body and always wanted to share her experience and knowledge in the hope of helping others. She has gone through one pregnancy that ended in a C-section in 2010. The pregnancy was like a dream thanks to her healthy lifestyle, and she had a quick recovery after birth.


She has many years of experience in fitness, and she has competed about 15 times since 2008 with very good results. For example she is an Icelandic champion and a Cup champion in bikini fitness. She last competed in the spring of 2019 where she landed in 4th place at a big tournament in London and won in her height class at a fitness tournament in Ireland the same year.


On top of her great competitive experience, her main interest is in health and improved mental and physical health.


She also has been under the guidance of a personal trainer herself for many years and that has helped her to learn to know her body in and out, this being a learning and informative process.

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Imad El Moubarik,  is the ex owner of North Fitness. You may better know him as Coach Imad or Big Imad. Imad is qualified personal trainer who specializes in competition preparation with special qualifications credits from the IFBB at Federation V.F.F Alicante (International Federation of Bodybuilding) sport nutrition and supplements in 2013. He has a Professional Diploma in Nutrition, Science, and Menu Planning at Shaw Academy Module 1.  Imad is also a posing instructor.


Imad is Icelandic Bodybuilder winning the +100 kg class at the 2014 Icelandic Championships. He believes that when you get a feel for this sport, you will never let it go. 


As a coach, the results and reputation for Imad’s happy clients who have reached their goals speaks for itself. If you still have any doubts, ask anyone who has ever worked with him. His dedication and passion for helping clients to reach their goals is second to none. 


He has practiced sport since a very early age, playing for his city football (soccer) team, Imad also practiced basketball and athleticism. Imad is very competitive and always gives his everything. Imad actually loves to work out in the gym 

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"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

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Sri Ramana Maharshi